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"Summer Lane is surely worth picking up and reading, whoever you may be."

- Daniel M. Harrison, #1 Bestselling Author of Butterflies

"The Reedley resident is a prolific writer."

- Rick Bentley, Fresno Bee

Summer Lane is a writer in every sense of the word. She began her career as a freelance journalist when she was just a teen. She learned that writing quickly and efficiently was the key to professional success in this business. She went on to work in the press and media in the publishing industry. 

During this time, she started her own small press, Writing Belle Publishing, and became the #1 bestselling author of 30 books, including the smash hit novels of the Collapse Series and Resurrection Series on Amazon, which featured spunky wartime heroine Lt. Cassidy Hart and sold over 100,000 copies and counting.


Summer additionally works as the Associate Editor at RSBNetwork, where she reports on issues and policies here in the U.S. and abroad. She extensively covers the political moves of President Donald Trump and the America First movement.

Further, Summer works as a producer and editor at the Counter Culture Mom Show.


Summer is also an experienced editorial writer and offers commentary on policies and politics through the lens of womanhood and Biblical theology. 

Subscribe to her exclusive substack, The Write Revolution, where she shares weekly deep dives on social issues, women's issues, and politics/policies in the U.S. 

To book Summer for a speaking event, please use the contact form on this site.




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